The general rule is the earlier you have an advocate the better off you are. When you think you will be unable to work for a long time, have a free consultation with a disability Advocate at DAWA DISABILITY.

If you are deciding about hiring a Social Security Disability Advocate to help with your Social Security case, you should first understand the costs and benefits of having an advocate on your team. The costs are set by congress, disability advocates charge a fee regulated by federal law, which is 25% of your backpay benefits or $6,000, whichever is less. No money is required up front and you are only obligated to pay a fee if your case is won. So hiring an advocate is the same price from the start of your case to the end of your case.

The most important reason to hire an Advocate from DAWA DISABILITY to help with your disability case is that your chances of being approved are significantly increased, sometimes by more than 50%. Statistics show that a person who hires a DAWA Advocate at any level of the disability process is more likely to get benefits than a person who does not hire an advocate.

From the initial application to the hearing level DAWA Disability Advocates understand how to present a claim most favorable to their clients. On the initial application, your Advocate can offer advice on your alleged onset date of disability, argue listings, and help you present facts that will convince Social Security that you disabled and unable to work. At the reconsideration and hearing levels (the first and second level of appeal in most states), your Advocate will order and submit medical evidence, secure an opinion from your doctor, draft a detailed brief to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and prepare you for the ALJs questions at the hearing. Your Advocate will also produce supportive testimony from you at the hearing and may cross-examine the Vocational Expert or Medical Expert to demonstrate that you are unable to work.

A DAWA DISABILITY ADVOCATE is also able to evaluate the strength of your case and assist you with your initial application. While some people choose to navigate this stage without legal representation, you are more likely to get approved if you have DAWA DISABILITY ADVOCATE on your side.
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